Claire Pales

Claire Pales

27 Lanterns is a consulting company, committed to helping organisations create and sustain effective information and cyber security teams.  

We help organisations to understand why they are hiring.  We identify security leaders in the market to help you begin (or continue) your security journey and coach this leader as they transition into the role. With our 5-step framework, you can ensure that you have done the hard thinking about what your new security leader can achieve in the medium term and how you want security to be seen in your organisation.


Founded in 2016 by Claire Pales, 27 Lanterns was established after Claire had spent 15 years in security leadership roles.  With a desire to build teams and coach security professionals on their security journey, Claire draws from her experience spanning the Asia Pacific region and industries from critical infrastructure to online and ecommerce businesses. Claire’s passion is to bring together like minded people across organisations to establish security as a way of working, for which she was recognised through a CIO Asia award for Best Cyber Security Strategy in 2014.

In addition to her time in the industry, Claire’s subject matter expertise comes from a Bachelor’s Degree in Police Studies, Post-Graduate studies in e-Crime Investigation and executive coaching qualifications. Claire is the Amazon Best Selling author of ‘The Secure CIO’, a mother, an aspiring runner, an industry speaker, volunteer and blogger.

Returning to Australia after a regional role in Hong Kong, Claire discovered that organisations in Australia (and globally) were struggling to find and retain security talent.  In seeking a solution to this, Claire established 27 Lanterns to help address the common mistakes she was observing – Job descriptions that did not reflect what the organisation needed, ads that attracted unsuitable candidates and a lack of coaching or support for security leaders once they were in the seat.

27 Lanterns isn’t about simply hiring a security leader.  The focus is on providing you with the tools and understanding about security so that your new leader can begin adding value straight away, with your support.

Finding great talent is challenging in many industries, particularly in security these days as the world becomes more digital and the threat of cyber-attack weighs on every executive and business owner’s shoulders. With a perceived skill crisis in cyber, organisations can improve their options for security leadership through effective candidate sourcing and setting realistic job expectations. 

Building a security team can be a daunting exercise for talent and hiring managers alike.  Having clarity on why you’re hiring and how they will be supported to deliver relevant, engaging security leadership will provide you with confidence and certainty that security is being managed by a dedicated security leader.

If you are currently seeking a security leader for your organisation but have been unsuccessful, please reach out.  Claire would be happy to discuss your journey so far and how you might increase your chances of finding the security leader you need.

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