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Join me, Claire Pales, as I chat with some of the cybersecurity industry’s greatest minds. Taking a page from my book ‘The Secure CIO’, the podcast features conversations about leadership, diversity, sourcing of great cyber security talent and opinions on the skills crisis. 

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Episode # 1
Security in Context
with Jonathan Werrett

During this episode, Jonathan will share core principles to follow when hiring and building a team in information security. Learn to find ideal leadership even when the talent pool is subpar and explore the importance diversity plays in the hiring process. Listen to the end to hear some of Jonathan's hardest lessons learned during his 15+ years in the industry.

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Episode # 2
Finding The Time to Find The Talent with Samm MacLeod

During this episode, Samm will bring light to the obstacles you may face when sourcing for security teams. Listen for her suggested immediate hiring needs and why you should strategically create employee longevity. Find out if the cybersecurity talent gap is really an industry crisis and how encouraging a diverse team of talented professionals may be the solution to a successful team.

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Episode # 3
Security Sourcing: Cracking the Code with Craig Searle

During this episode, Craig offers a unique perspective on the shortage of talent in the cybersecurity industry and ways to create a proper solution. Find out if we are losing potential in house professionals to cybersecurity startups. Learn the best practices for new hire onboarding and enable your team to succeed long term.

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Episode #4
Establishing Essential Hiring Criteria with Jo McCatty

Jo McCatty is a recruitment leader with expertise across different sectors serving the UK, EU and APAC markets. Her key interest is driving success and delivery of outcomes through people, technology and change/transformation (aka ambiguity).

During this episode, Jo will share how to overcome the top challenges when hiring staff in cybersecurity including ways to build and grow your team. Learn the role diversity plays in your hiring and sourcing plans. Find out how leaders and employees should harness the power of mentorship for long term success.

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Episode #5
You Can’t Teach Attitude with Michelle Price

Michelle Price is the CEO at Aust Cyber, a company that supports the development of a vibrant and globally competitive cyber security sector. Before joining AustCyber, Michelle was the first Senior Adviser for Cyber Security at the National Security College within The Australian National University.
During this episode, Michelle will discuss the skills and qualities that employers must look for in security staff in order to build a truly successful team. Listen as she encourages others to increase diversity in the cyber security workforce and continue to inspire people with the possibilities of cyber innovation.

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Episode #6
Growing Teams From Scratch with Darren Argyle

Darren Argyle is the co-founder of Cyber Resilience. He has close to 20 years of international cyber risk and security experience, and was named in the top 100 Chief Information Security Officers globally in 2017 and the top 100 Global IT Security Influencers in 2018.

During this episode, Darren will share how to navigate the global skills crisis in search of experienced security team members. Learn when to utilise an outsourced model and when to work with permanent in-house hires. Listen for ways to overcome the biggest challenges in the cybersecurity space.

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Episode #7
Security Leadership; Manager v Maker with Caroline Wong

Caroline Wong is the Chief Security Strategist at Cobalt.io, a PTaaS platform that transforms yesterday's broken pen test model into a data-driven vulnerability management engine. Caroline is a dynamic cybersecurity expert with more than a decade of industry experience, including roles at eBay and Symantec.  

During this episode, Caroline will share how to transition from managing yourself to managing others. Learn to become a great security leader and encourage others to grow and lead. Match potential candidates with jobs that need to be filled, work with remote teams, and address compensation expectations.


Episode #8
Lateral Career Moves
with Craig Templeton

Coming Thursday 25th July