As our dependency and reliance on technology grows, so too does the need for cyber security skills and leadership to minimise the risk of cyber crime.

The Secure CIO Framework was created to fulfil your immediate need for a security professional, reduce risk, address board concerns and uplift information security in your organisation. The framework provides a 5 step process to address the challenges of finding and retaining cybersecurity leaders.

Uniquely, we work as interim security leaders AND complete the talent sourcing process for you.

From clarity on why you are hiring to ensuring the new leader effectively transitions into the role, the framework removes the burden of hiring a leader and takes steps to facilitate retention. Our consultants immerse themselves in the company culture, meet leaders and stakeholders across the business and the board to pull together a view of the organisation’s security sentiment and collect data regarding the current risk perception. This information is delivered to the CIO and the incoming CISO to provide perspective and an honest view of what to focus on in the short term.

At the end of the engagement, our consultants have replaced themselves with an appropriately skilled security leader who is a great fit for the organisation and left behind a strategic starting point.

27 Lanterns implements the following five-step framework for effective hiring to ensure your organisations finds and retains the right cyber security leader


1. Clarity

Be clear on your organisation’s current cyber security landscape based on the systems, processes and activities in place, as well as establish your future challenges and requirements. Identify how these contributing factors determine who you will hire.


2. Compass

Establish direction on what role the new hire will play in your organisation. We get to the heart of your security needs and understand your business so we can find a successful candidate that not only has the essential skills, but also is right for your company culture.


3. Connection

Become connected to star candidates through creating thorough copy for job descriptions and advertisements, placing job ads, screening and assessing applicants, shortlisting candidates and conducting the interview process with your team.


4. Commitment

Once your new hire has accepted their offer, gain guidance in determining what support they will need to transition into their role smoothly.


5. Coaching

Ensure your new hire in onboarded successfully. We will brief them on the organisation’s objectives, reiterate expectations and set goals - then hand over the reins once they are on their way.

We specialise in recruiting the following security positions:

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

  • Chief Security Officer

  • Head of Security

  • Head of Information Security

  • Cyber Security Manager

Companies I have worked with include:

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